Friday, October 5, 2012

Girl needs a makeover

The "Bowllet" makes me sad.
I worked a lot on myself internally this summer, but it seems I've let the outside go a bit. Time for some maintenance.

My buffness makes me feel like a million bucks, but I hate my clothes and don't want to spend a million bucks buying new clothes that I don't like. During one lunch this week, I went to Nordstrom to try on come colored jeans; it ended up being a completely fruitless activity. The associate who helped me was probably my build, but about 5 feet tall, and she looked super cute with her jeggings. She also had a nice pair of boots and a layered ensemble on the top, thus covering most of the jeans. I became overwhelmed thinking all of the clothes I would need to accessorize a pair of jeggings then decided it wasn't worth the money. Note to self: you don't look that great in skinny jeans or jeggings anyway, and that is ok. Maybe when I take my winter clothes out of storage, I will be reminded of all of the cute sweaters and pants I have from last year. Doubt it.

When I say, "tan" I mean only the parts of me that were sticking out of a one-piece swim suit. Actually, multiple swim suits and jog tops which has created a series of interesting tan lines, especially on my posterior. As long as I am doing triathlons, you will also never see me wearing strapless. Oh and those cute summer freckles that started on my nose started forming on my cheeks and forehead a few years ago? These are not freckles - they are melasma. Those of you who are mothers may be noticed this phenomenon, aka the "pregnancy mask". I have not been pregnant, but it's the same thing. I thought I could prevent it with SPF 50, and it does no good. Until Retin-A becomes legal in the US or I have enough money for monthly chemical peels, I'm stuck with a spotty face. That might be worthless as well. As the woman at the fancy makeup counter says, "It's not the sun, or what is going on outside, it's what's going on inside." Yay for hormones. Ugh.

My hair has been growing out since May, and it's getting nowhere. My hairstyle is between a bowl cut and a mullet. I call it "The Bowllet." That might be funny, but it's not cute. Not at all. I'm giving it until Halloween, and if it doesn't look good I'm going pixie again.

I had pretty, manicured nails a year ago, and that lasted about 6 months. I can justify not getting bi-weekly mani/pedis, but I can't justify the biting. I'm going to try chewing gum in the car, which is where I usually have a hard time. I need something to do while I'm in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes. My recent commute bumper sticker game is not helping either. Having to apply pressure to the breaks behind a large SUV with a  Romney sticker makes me nervous.

On top of it all, I'm tired physically. I ran 8 miles super slow and in the Native-American-post-summer-temperature-increase on Tuesday, and reconsidered my running career. I'm sure it was just a bad day, but I haven't run since. The San Jose Rock and Roll half marathon is this weekend, which will be a fun time. But, shit. I'm worn out. Last night, I went home, listened to music, and painted. (I know you are now imagining me with a beret over my Bowllet.) I've resolved to take a week off of running specifically and do some other things - maybe get back in the pool, and take some yoga and do some light TRXing.

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