Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Being a Girl (Article 3): Not Clones

We are not clones. Seriously. (Thanks to CM, and her Photoshop expertise.)
I think people are generally clones. Women are terrible too. Sorry, I have to bust Pinterest again: but when something starts to have 10,000 repins, doesn't that bother anyone? Isn't that hairstyle becoming too popular. I live in the Silicon Valley, (wo)man! Aren't we supposed to be these great minds who think up new ideas? Or do we really just want to own the exact same pair of shoes or want to be quirky like Zooey Deschanel. I think Zooey's sister's character on Bones would have some kind of anthropological explanation of why we all want to be the same.

I despise women's magazines, Hollywood trends, chick lit, giggling, and I often refuse to participate in things I deem "too girly" like wearing all pink at a race, or driving a Cabriolet. But, resistance is futile. I still like brunch (the girliest meal of the day), getting my nails done, wearing dresses, and watching too much of the Housewives of Every Major City in the US. Except Miami. Those bitches are too crazy.

Just when you thought I might be a woman hater. I tell you that I most definitely am not. In fact, I organized the FIFTH ANNUAL Girls Hike and a Brunch over the weekend. This is not a brunch with a bunch of just any girls. This is an event with a group of my girls, who like to hike, and brunch, and meet new people too. Totally different.

A few years ago (like about 5), I was getting started with a career, paying my own way for the first time and realized that I had responsibilities. The same was true for many of my friends, and we just hadn't had a lot of time to catch up. I remember emailing my friend Kem, saying, "Gawd! I really need some girl time!" Anyway, she invited some of her friends, and I invited some of mine and now it's kind of a meeting of the minds of two good friends, and their friends, who are now all hiking and brunching friends.

I have an array of girlfriends, not all participate in the Hike and a Brunch, who are still my best friends. This Hike and a Brunch is not meant to exclude anyone, so please don't compare me to any of the Real Housewives episodes where so-and-so isn't invited to the launch party because of something she said on the reunion show. I'm not sure how it worked out this way, but there is always 3-5 of regulars, then everyone brings a new friend. Kind of like a meeting of the minds, or dare I say it - networking. There have been many friend stealers at these events. All of a sudden you notice two people who came to brunch are friending each other on Facebook, then they hang out. Then they are hanging out with each other and you are not invited. WTF! . . .

Ok, ok, I've hung out plenty with Kem's Maid of Honor on my own. (We missed you this time around, WC!)

I'm thankful to have a pool of amazing women around me: not just the hiking and brunching kind, but girls who run or tri with me, who share their family memories with me, and for whom I would bend over backwards. Women who have separate lives, separate interests, and come from different places, who have separate opinions, but are still accepting of one another. When people ask me if I moved to the Bay Area for the weather, I shoot down this notion immediately. I moved here to be around people who are different from me. I don't believe you truly know yourself or your own potential unless you surround yourself with situations and people who challenge you. I'm not sure if other women are as lucky as me to have that. I don't think I would enjoy as much hanging out with a group of women who are exactly like me. I find it silly even in political conversations to sit around and talk about how you are right all the time. What's the use in that?

In other words, I think my friends are not clones. Maybe everyone thinks that about their own group of girlfriends. . . but clearly, mine are the best. Seriously. Don't make me smack a bitch.


  1. I can't tell if "Chloe" is a joke? hahaa... It's totally OK for you to hate lots of girly things, and it's totally OK for other women to like those same things you hate. BTW how fricking awful/awesome is Yolanda? The butler? And the glass fridge? I hate/love her.

  2. It actually wasn't a joke. I had to go back and edit it.

  3. I turned on my DVR for RHOBH last night while I was cleaning for Thanksgiving guests (my parents), so I didn't get to really pay attention. Ugh. Another thing I hate: domestic duties. :)I'll catch up on Yolanda later.

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  5. I love your ode to our hikes and brunches! If you hadn't call it out that you're the biggest friend-stealer of them all, I might have had to lay it down. But seriously, every one has been awesome - everyone is different, everyone gets along and everyone seems to leave moved from the conversations and inspired by the new friendships we've made. Thanks for getting the ball rolling...