Monday, September 22, 2014

Tahoe 70.3 Non-Race Report

I would have loved to bang out a half Ironman this year, but it didn't happen. Wildflower was fantastic for an early season event, but to have ended with a great performance in Tahoe would have been the ultimate year. Unfortunately, due to the King fires near Sacramento, North Lake Tahoe was filled with smoke, which ultimately shut down the race - 10 minutes prior to the start. There are plenty of athletes who trained very hard to compete, and gave up many more personal and family obligations than I did to compete, not to mention those who came from a distance or another country. Furthermore, people are in risk of losing much more than a race, but their homes and potentially their lives.

I refuse to complain about my own ambitions. It wouldn't be right.

Top 10 Reasons I'm ok with IMLT Cancelation

1.) I am so glad I didn't cave and buy branded race gear! Win! (Suzanne +1, all of you other suckers who bought the jersey and shorts -1)

2.) I didn't have to eat 1000 calories of Clif Bar for lunch.

3.) This is the first event that didn't give me serious chafing, or a sunburn.

4.) There is no need to rest before going into fall/winter marathon training! It's on!

5.) I rode my bike from Kings Beach to Squaw after the cancellation announcement, and broke every one of my course records on Strava. 

6.) Free cookies, bananas, and Red Bull. They were just giving stuff away.

7.) I am pretty good at Swim, Bike, Run but am surprisingly good at Gin, Beer, Rum as well (not in that order)... I learned that endurance sport nutrition is more similar to endurance drinking nutrition than I originally thought: Pre-load on a bunch of protein, eat at least 500 calories for breakfast, and remember to drink water and eat consistently, and you'll be fine. Sherpas are recommended. (We had a lot of fun at the Irish Pub in Squaw.) :)

8.) I am lucky to live in the Bay Area, and Lake Tahoe is only a 4 hour drive. I spent 18 glorious days with some of the best damn people on the face of this earth. From my Trans Tahoe Relay gals, to Silicon Valley Triathlon Club, to all of the other athletes I met while training. You guys are my rock. Thank you for your support, and most of all, laughter. We had some great times up there in the altitude and blue water.

9.) I met a pair of Challenged athletes who inspired me. One was trying to finish his 25th Ironman, and the other trying to finish his 1st. 

10.) We all have our lives, and our health. We are all capable of training for another event.

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