Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Blahs

I'm sitting at my desk, enjoying (not really) a salad for lunch, and it dawns on me: I hate February. February should be a wonderful month because: my mother, boyfriend, and bestie are all Aquarians, there is at least one Monday holiday this month, it's Black History Month, Groundhogs Day, the beginning of Lent . . .

(Notice I didn't say anything about Valentines Day.)

February is when I realize how much damage I did to myself since November. In addition to it being cold and dark outside, I'm at least 5 pounds over my ideal weight, my clothes are hanging on me funny, my skin is pale, I hate my hair, and I just feel unmotivated and kind of gross. . . again (this happens every year).

What went wrong this year? I promised myself this wouldn't happen again! How did this happen? I've been exercising all winter!

So, instead I'm going to suck it up and take February as a challenge. That's all. I'm just going to have to work harder to get back to my best self again. This totally sucks, but I will drag my ass to the gym in the dark after work, swim in the rain, and buy myself a cycling poncho, and just get the hell over it.

Motivational picture time!

Last February, I started taking pictures of my least favorite body part - my belly. With hard work, I got some good results by summer. I'm pretty much back where I started last year, which is depressing. Maybe this year I'll get my body fat percentage down another percent - we shall see.

*Warning* This link is rated G for most, but for those of you who believe that the body is evil or are offended that I said the word "sucks" or "ass" in an earlier paragraph, this is probably rated X, so please click with care: Here's the difference 2% body fat makes. (February to July 2011).

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