Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding my inner girly-girl

I would like to be more crafty, but it cuts into my running time.

My post about Pinterest was not so popular with my DIY-er girlfriends. I apologize. I did make some pretty neat paintings, but when it came to collecting toilet paper rolls and plastic spoons, well. . . I'm lagging. I even borrowed a glue gun! But, I just can't force myself to go out and purchase the seemingly 50-million more spoons I will need to complete the lamp project.

Can we just mark the Pinterest Challenge as a fail, and move on?

I was hoping that my loathing post about Pinterest would come off as a bit of self-loathing with a humorous twist, and it clearly did not come off as intended. This non-domestic diva is willing to admit that the post came off a little uninformed. So, I'm just going to have to find another way to harness my inner girl-Chi. (Or whatever.)

A couple of friends from my triathlon cohort started talking about Barb's Race a few months ago. Barb's Race is an all-women's half Ironman event that takes place on the same weekend as the Vineman Ironman. Vineman is one of the more popular Ironman events, at least here in northern California. Barb is a real-life person, and long time supporter and volunteer for the Vineman events. When she was diagnosed with cancer, it affected a lot of people who loved Barb and her support of the event and the athletes year after year, so they named a race after her. You can read the story here.

I wasn't sure about such a long race. I've only done one Olympic Triathlon (Barb's is more than twice as long), and I wanted to get a couple more Olympic or Sprint distance tris under my belt before I participated in something a bit more extreme. Also, I wasn't sure about an all-women's race. Why not include the men-folk? They are people too! :) Let's face it - men get overly competitive sometimes, and this race is no circumstance to really compete - it's an accomplishment just to finish.

If anything, my girlfriends have been the most supportive of me over the past few years. And it seems like women athletes are very supportive of other women athletes.

Then some really strange things started happening all at once. First, it occurred to me that the friends who were talking about the race were both recently married an may be interested in starting families soon; this may be the only year that we are all available to do the race together. Secondly, someone very close to me had a cancerous tumor removed from her thyroid. Then, a former neighbor of mine was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma.

Why have I been so lucky? All of this really helped me to take a step back and be grateful for the people and experiences that I've had the opportunity to come in contact with. And let's face it, most of these grand people are my diva girlfriends. Although we are our own independent people, and don't always see eye to eye, my girlfriends are those who have put up with my BS the longest, and they don't complain too much when I can't go to brunch because I'm going on a bike ride. In fact, many of my girlfriends are also some of my most favorite exercise buddies (when we aren't too over-committed).

It's always a possibility that injury, or just life will get in the way of a goal, but it's still a worthwhile goal to set. I've paid my $160+ and put together a loose training plan. My short term goal is just to get back into a schedule again. March has been good so far! I'm Running for the Seals on Saturday, then going to DC for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

More updates to come!


  1. I love this! Go you! Also, think about the Ironman in Hawaii. Then I will go with you as part of your "training team." PS: it's me, Jen M.

    1. I was seriously considering renting a house for the weekend near Sonoma and inviting people up for wine tasting that weekend. If people want to watch for 6 or 7 hours, cool, otherwise, meet me at the end and we can have a glass of wine to celebrate before I pass out for the rest of the day. My birthday is soon after - August 7. My Jesus birthday. So, at least I will have accomplished something cool by 33 because I didn't start a religion or save people from their sins. Maybe next year. :)