Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Runner: David

I showed up to the Campbell Park in my new neon yellow jacket, so perhaps I was just a target. I was approached by random guy, David, and we had a 5-10 minute conversation (it seemed longer) about running. He looked like a runner - 5' 6'', thin, and wearing compression socks. He said that he was trying to get into ultra marathons. The conversation turned to ultras, marathons, half marathons, and triathlons - it was interesting enough, but I could tell he was reaching to keep the conversation going. He said it would be fun to go running sometime. I mentioned groups on that he could join, and told him that I was pretty irregular at the Campbell Park these days.

He didn't seem to care, and still wanted my phone number. This is when I realized it had gone too far. AND I gave him my number, because I am the biggest sucker on the planet. "Maybe he is really interested in running..." I thought. Plus, I don't want to see him at the park again after giving him a fake number.

Me = Sucker.

It's hard to tell if someone is interested in running, or just interested in a date. A similar situation occurred when I met someone from work who asked me out to lunch. I just thought it was a work lunch, not a date lunch. Silly Suzanne.

Plus, it's not often (ok, like never) that someone "flirts" with me when I'm head-to-toe in running gear with no makeup and a hat. Maybe I'm in denial that I'm charming before exercise. He probably just thought that I'm a serious runner, and wanted to pick my brain because I'm that awesome.

Yeah right.

This guy was clearly just a picker-upper, and I was too nice to tell him to shove off. I realized as we ran off, that he was with a friend who was just standing by over in the parking lot. He probably had a bet going with his friend. Also, biggest tip-off EVER: if he was there to run, he would have been RUNNING! Is this the type of person who dresses up to go to the park and get phone numbers from random women? Ugh, now I feel disgusting. Hindsight is 20/20.

Anyway, David text messaged, "This is David. Looking forward to running sometime."

On Friday night. At 10pm.

No person interested in running will text after 10pm. Just sayin'. Now I feel like I got booty called. So, I texted back, "My husband and I are in Arizona watching baseball this weekend!"

Do you think he'll call/text me again? Doubtful. God, I hope not.

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