Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hanging up my wetsuit. . .

After The Triathlon at Pacific Grove on Saturday, I had to transition once more from triathlon gear into formal attire for a wedding the same afternoon. Pretty sure my transition time was about 30 minutes. Not bad. . .

Anyway, during the reception the groom professed his sincerest love for the bride, and the bride wrote some promises to her new husband including, "I promise not to stand in front of the TV during college football." It's just not a good idea to get in the way of your partner's athletic pursuits - whether your partner a sport participant or fervent fan. In the spirit of love and the end of triathlon season, I would like to make some promises to my love. These will probably only last a few months, but I would like my loved-one to know that I appreciate him putting up with my training, and the gear that has taken up our condo for the past few months. Love you, baby!

I promise to remove my stinky neoprene wetsuit from the shower for the next few months.
I promise to do less laundry for the next few months, and save some water.

I promise to remove my sport bottles from the kitchen drying rack and put them away.

I promise to return the bike rack I borrowed from a friend so we can have guests sleep in our guest bedroom again.

I promise to keep nutritional supplements in cabinets instead of on the countertops.

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