Monday, September 24, 2012

So now what?

The air is cooler, the mornings and afternoons are darker, and it's slowly turning into fall around here. Yes, I often complain that fall starts way too late in California. This weekend it was 81 and sunny, still a little hot for the perfect running temperature imho. A perfect fall run would be more like 65 and sunny, with some crunchy leaves beneath my feet. But, yeah, why am I complaining about great weather? 

Running is pretty much all I've been up to lately in preparation for the San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon. I've taken a couple of spin classes but haven't been on a real bike or in the pool for over two weeks. So, what else have I been up to?

1) Spending less money. There are no more expensive events, hotel rooms, or new gear I will be needing for a few months. Running races are cheaper, and a pair of shoes will put me out $100. Yahooooo!

2) Crosstraining. One thing I learned about endurance sports - they don't make you skinny. Yep, I'm the same weight I was at Christmas last year, but I can do squats and lunges like a motha'. Unfortunately all of that muscle is still covered by a layer of chub. This chub can only be eliminated by, you guessed it, weights. Seems counterintutive but it's true.

3) Eating salads and Kashi Crunch cereal. I need to eat less, but I'm still hungry all. the. time. This means, trying to order salads (dressing on the side) for lunch. Concurrently, I'm trying a 2-week Kashi-for-breakfast diet to see if it makes a difference. On day three I had a breakfast burrito. Bad monkey!

4) Socializing unrelated to training. A trip to the Chabot Space Center, a lecture by Amy Tan, a Giants game, drinks, dinners . . .Yes, it seems I still have a life. Thank you, friends for understanding. I hope I didn't miss too many birthday parties while I was away.

5) Stereotyping people who put political stickers on their cars. A new and amusing hobby unrelated to training, but pretty fun. I commute 30 minutes each way, and I have to entertain myself somehow. Like seriously, have you ever seen a Prius with a Romney/Ryan bumpersticker? Doubt it.

6) Digging out fall clothing. My midwestern upbringing tells me, even though I've lived in California for more than 12 years, that flip flops are unacceptable in the "colder" months. I feel the same about running tanks and short shorts. It's time to break out the pants and layers.

7) Making lists of events I should do next. I'm already thinking about 2013. There may be a marathon in my future.

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