Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of Late: In Pictures

In no particular order:

I've decided I will try to be a fashion icon. Task #1: Bring back the fanny pack. I will not try to  hide the fact that it is a fanny pack by giving it another name like "belt" or "purse". It is a fanny pack. And it comes in handy when camping. 

This shit is delicious. It was started by two girls in their college dorm room. That's kind of gross, but they make it legit now. And like I said - f@#$ing delicious. It's also $6.99 a jar. So worth it.

This is a mannequin holding a sign that moves.  Pretty clever and also a little scary. Love that New Balance is right by Sunny Donuts.

Ran the Mermaid Half Marathon in Fremont recently. Not a bad time for not running 13 miles since January.  Here is a pose with Sass-stine.

When the gears get stuck on your bike, and your leg gets jammed into the chain ring - you not only get a greasy leg, but a Franken-scab. Yowsa! (Still getting used to new bike.)

My Trans Tahoe ladies will love this. My car matches my Sass-swimsuit. Looks sparkly in the sun.

Bananas ARE an Athlete's best friend. Except when you step on one and fall down. 


  1. You're on B's s- list b/c you didn't give him credit for introducing you to wild squirrel. but since we're talking nut butters - try Hayward Nut & Bean =)

    Fun post - love the pics!