Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wildflower vs. State Fair

The beautiful people, the beautiful people. (Check out the time on the finish line clock - yep, over 9 hours of exercising in 90 degree heat!)

Massive transition area by Lake San Antonio. 
Wildflower is one of the craziest places I've ever been. I had no idea how huge it was until my tri buddy and I crossed the gate into Lake San Antonio and tried to navigate our car and gear through a dusty road full of tents, RVs, spectators, and of course - triathletes.  After finding the tri club's camping site, we headed down to the lake to find the finish line, transition areas, and packet pick up, and it hit me like a ton of Cytomax --

Wildflower is the State Fair of triathlons!

Sure, there were no square dancing tractors, or animal judging, but many things were reminiscent of going to the State Fair. First of all, it was hottern' blazes when we pulled into the campsites on Saturday afternoon. There were vendors, food, entertainment, etc. Of course the race is the main attraction. Main stage wasn't barns of cows, pigs, and horses, but a huge transition area the size of a football field. It was an amazing sight, and much less stinky.

Wildflower State Fair (Iowa)
Great people watching Great people watching
Ridiculously good-looking people People who's mothers love them very much
Butter Cow Chamois Butt'er
Big Turkey Legs and Burgers Big Turkey Legs and Burgers
Powerbars Fried Snickers and Oreos
Cycling gear Farm Implements
Herds of people Herds of animals
Smelly people Smelly people and animals
Dancing Volunteer Kids from Cal Poly The Nemaha Square Dancing Tractors
Finisher Medals Blue and Red Prize Ribbons
Hot weather Hot weather
Don't touch my ride. It's expensive. Carnival rides
T-shirt for sale: Sleep, Swim, Bike, Run T-shirt for sale: People for the Eating of Tasty Animals
Farmer John John Deer
Tail winds Tails
Swim caps Trucker hats
Camping Camping
Age categories Breeds
Wet suits Overalls
Running shoes Cowboy boots
Craft Crafts
Anthem Singer Iowa State Fair Singer
Transition Area Grand Stand
Hopefully not seeing what you eat Seeing what you eat
Bring your own ride Ride carnival rides
Competing Tri Clubs Competing 4H Clubs
Bacon Bacon
Clydesdales Clydesdales
Shuttles for sweaty and tired people Shuttles for sweaty and drunk people
Sierra Nevada Budweiser
Port-o-poties Port-o-poties
Orbea / Orca O'Riley
Go Team! Suey!

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