Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anxiety of slowing down.

Taper week, and I'm anxious. Again. This always happens right before, and right after a big event. What's more - after November I have very little on my calendar. There is an overwhelming, lingering sense of, "OMG! WTF am I going to do all winter??" which rapidly turns into the deeper question of, "WTF am I doing with my life?"

Yep, it's that strange. And I've been told that it is also normal. Here are some other questions that are making me anxious lately:

Chicago Marathon: Am I ready?
I damn well should be. I did the 20 mile training runs!

Will American Airlines make me late for the marathon?
This could happen. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the specific airline. Now I am jinxed. Great.

What do people do when they are not training? I'm so bored.
This week's training plan is 8 miles. Total. Then what am I going to do? I guess I could read or something. I always have half-read books on my nightstand: Catching Fire, The Alcatraz Swimmer's ManualChi Running (always good to review), oh and Malcolm Gladwell's new book is out! Now if I could only sit long enough to read without falling asleep, we'd be in business! (How did I ever get through graduate school?)

Why am I so damned hungry?
I am doing less it seems, but eating more. Why is that? I ate an extra breakfast burrito this morning. (They are small, but still.)

Is my skin getting old and wrinkly? 
Trying out a new cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Does any of this stuff really work, or should I just wash my face with soap and call it a day?

How will I afford new running shoes when my car insurance premium just went up?
Remember to heed the 10-second rule, even in stop-and-go traffic, even when people get in front of you. Hope the person in front of you is doing it too. Rear-ending someone is not fun.

How much money did I spend on triathlon-related stuff this year?
I've been fighting off the urge to add it up, because it might make me crazy.

Why don't humans hibernate like other animals?
I think we are really missing out on something here.

No more daylight?
I wake up. It's dark. Soon, I will leave work after dark too. Sigh.

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