Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is Not a New Year's Resolution

The winter writing muse is fluttering about with her bike grease-smudged wings, wearing a swim cap and goggles, and pink running shoes. She yells at me like a drill sergeant on my shoulder to remind me that the winter holidays are now over, and my life routine will resume as normal. For the next month, I will drag my lazy bones to the gym/track/pool/road to get that five to seven winter pounds off of my gut before I really kick it into gear for the year.

Make no mistake; writing this post is a resolution, yes. (I'd like to write more.) But this is not a New Year's Resolution. NYR's don't work, and I would rather not put it into that category. Resolution making comes when you need it most, even sometimes out of desperation. 2011 was a rather tumultuous time in my life (as it was for many others), and especially around June, I found myself supremely unhappy and hopeless. The only thing I could do to control my emotions was to control my endorphins. My friends, including an awesome group of staff members at my work encouraged me to take fitness to the next level and complete a triathlon. I am forever changed - geez, I don't know where I would be if I hadn't made that mid-summer resolution. That one event changed my outlook on life a lot, and probably helped me reinvent myself in other ways as well.

Instead of making fruitless resolutions, I am already committed to a very sporty 2012! My commitment includes two half marathons, two triathlons, and a swim relay across Lake Tahoe (wetsuits not permitted!!). My writing goals are to chronicle both accomplishments and disappointments, bust really ridiculous exercise myths, laugh at people who wear running skirts, and start meaningful conversations.

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