Saturday, January 7, 2012

When life hands you Luon, make Lululemon Koolaid.

My bathroom, aka Lululemon drying rack.

The first time I saw Lululemon, the trendy yoga/running clothing brand made with Luon (their patented moisture-wicking material), I thought it was silly. Working out is no time to be setting fashion trends. Who likes to perk up their breasts and booty during a workout? And who pays $100 for a pair of pants that you sweat in? These people are clearly posers who aren't interested in actual exercise. These are people on the crazy train who join gyms to meet men, or believe that those shoes with the rounded soles actually make your butt look better by simply wearing them to the grocery store.

Then I drank the Lululemon Koolaid. I went into the store, picked up a pair of basic black running shorts, the sales girl wrote my name on the dressing room door, I decided that I've never worn shorts so short that make my legs look amazing, paid my $85, and went home excited to try them out. When I told my then-roommate what I'd done, she asked, "$85?! Are those shorts also going to make you a sammich?!" To which, we began to call the shorts the "sammich-making shorts." Three years later, the shorts are slightly stretched and faded, but I still get a little angry when they end up in the dryer. Point is, the $85 has served me well.

Now my collection of Lululemon clothing has expanded, although I still wear whatever I want. (I'm not a total brand whore.) Besides, LLL is great for yoga and running, but they don't make tri gear or biking gear so I go with other brands for that. I go to a rather "trendy" gym, but I never thought I was one of those "trendy" people at the gym. LLL just helped me fit in slightly better at the gym, but there was no way I was going to wear it from head to toe with a matching bag, matching yoga mat, matching jacket (you get the point). Plus, I was actually sweating in the clothes, and taking full advantage of the comfortable materials. I'm not a poser at all. . . right?

*glug, glug, glug, ahhhhh*

This past week, I went to a yoga studio for the first time. (Thank you, Groupon!) I've never been to a real yoga studio; I've only taken yoga classes at the gym. Heaven forbid - I'd never seen so much Lulu Lemon in my entire life. It actually made me a little ashamed to fit in with the yogi/dancer/pretty girl/Los Gatos Housewives culture. It was shocking to me - I consider myself a jock, and less of a "cute" girl. My opinions of what a cute yogi girl definitely changed about 30 minutes into a 90-minute, heated, power yoga session. Some of these ladies and men were actually in full yoga positions, which I had never seen before. So, they were also putting their Luon to good use. Maybe I judged to harshly, and there is something to wearing something a little more trendy/sexy to the gym. Dancers are real athletes, and they wear really sexy clothing.

My endorsement of Lulu Lemon is thus, only a suggestion for a good clothing brand to try. I like it. It's not the greatest thing ever, and it probably doesn't work for everyone. I tried one of their shirts with a side slit, and when I saw that the material was squeezing out a muffin-side, I realized that not everything there looks great on me either. But, I have found some good essential pieces.

LLL has been boycotted by some, because they clearly cater to particular sizes. My friend Kim said, "I boycott Lulu because their sizes don't support big boobies. I actually emailed them last week about it and they sent me some dumb email basically will get email back saying due to the large volume of emails... mine would be junked."

You ladies with the big boobs certainly have license to be irritated, and should continue to complain - I agree they should expand their sizing chart. There is no reason why you can't enjoy the styles as much as I have. This goes for short people as well. Let's just say their "cropped" pants are long pants on me. Apparently they have alterations!! (I haven't done this - yet. Don't judge!) So, yes, their clothes are made for 6', 115-150 pound Canadians (It's a Canadian company).


  1. I had a pair of Lulu pants pre-babies, and they were awesome. Super long though. I look forward to a time in which I can afford lovely workout clothes. Alas, daycare is so pricey.

  2. I never realized how big of a deal clothing was until I dropped over $130 on a pair of Pearl Izumi cycling bib shorts. I was astonished at how big of a difference they made, and I will never look back.