Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Blog Now?

When a new millionaire comes to Patty Stanger looking love, the Millionaire Matchmaker often asks them, "Why love now? Out of all of the times in your life, why choose today?"

Here's my answer to the million dollar question, "Why blog now?"

I recently changed careers from arts administration to executive assisting for a venture capital firm. I love the new position, but I need something to keep my creative juices flowing. When I was interviewing for new jobs, I was convinced that all experiences are valid experiences, and more than not, everything tends to relate to everything. I've found this with personal health/exercise as well - exercise relates to art, business, academia, love, pop culture, upcoming Presidential elections, etc. I'd like a forum to talk about these relationships. I also just bought myself a new Macbook Air for Christmas.

Answers to other questions you may ask yourself about my blog:

1) Why should I read you? Well, obviously you don't have to read this. But, I do know a thing or two about physical fitness: I was a high school sprinter, turned lazy, turned distance runner in my mid-20's. I've completed 6 half marathons, quite a few other running races, bought a bike when I was 30, and taught myself how to swim at 32. I like yoga, suspension training, spinning, and am hooked on a feeling if you get my drift.

2) Are you a certified trainer? No. I'm not. I'm thinking about it.

3) But everyone has a blog now. Blogs are so 10 years ago. Why don't you just post on Facebook? I agree the idea of starting a blog now is maybe a little outdated. I'm not expecting a book deal or trying to be Carrie Bradshaw. I just want to write! If I posted everything I was doing on Facebook in detail, it would be too long, and it would take up your news feed. Then you'd coin me "one of those people." Now I'm one of those other people.

4) What happened to your old blog? (For the 5 of you who knew I had one.) The old blog is still there with stories about serial (aka "cereal") dating, and writing my master's thesis. This blog will focus on fitness, exercise, fun physical events first, then relate to other happenings.

5) Are you going to Tweet? No.

6) Is this your page layout? It's pretty pathetic. I know, I'm working on it.

7) What is the background picture? It's a picture of my first half marathon - Marathon to Marathon - near Marathon, Iowa in June of 2007. A friend asked me if I wanted to run a marathon before I was 30, and I said, "No, but I'll do two halves!" I went to Iowa to run the first, and she came to California to run the second that fall. Who says Iowa isn't a pretty state?

8) Are you interested in co-authors? YES! If you are currently blogging about your fitness goals, please let me know. Let's collaborate. Also, if you are doing an event to raise money for charity, let me know and I'll add your donation page to my blog. That would be awesome.

So, check your tire pressure, affix your swim goggles, and lace up those running shoes. Away we go!

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