Thursday, January 3, 2013

Anytime Resolutions

I thought I did pretty well with resolutions last year because I set new goals as it made sense, and didn't focus much on the January 1st start date. Last year, my friend EMK set 33 goals for herself, and accomplished 4. This strategy sounds good to me. I think 4 is pretty damned good, so here I will attempt to set as many goals for 2013 as possible and hope to accomplish a few.

These are in no particular order:

1.) Read more books.

2.) Go to more arts events and concerts.

3.) Work on my attention to detail.

4.) Floss.

5.) Get weight under 130 pounds again.

6.) Save more money. Put more money into retirement.

7.) Switch doctors to someone who doesn't say, "Don't you think you should consider having children soon?" Step off, biatch. I know how old I am.

8.) Take a CPR certification class.

9.) Bike more. 2,000 miles would be great. I biked around 1,400 this year.

10.) Work on swim stroke development more.

11.) Learn to blow snot rockets.

12.) Lift weights/TRX a couple times a week.

13.) Bike to work a couple times a month this summer.

14.) Get rock hard abs. (Yeah right.)

15.) Set a new half marathon personal record.

16.) Finally watch my Chi Running DVD before DVD players are obsolete.

17.) Get a consultation for Lasik eye surgery.

18.) Spend as much money on regular clothes as I do on workout clothes.

19.) Stop leaving sweaty running shoes in the bathroom.

20.) Make new friends and keep the old. (One is silver and the other's gold.)

21.) Stop overeating.

22.) Stretch more.

23.) Don't freak out in Lake Tahoe and keep swimming.

24.) Be closer to 6 hours for Barb's Race. Last year's time 6:21:15.

25.) Don't overwhelm self with possible events or training. i.e. Don't over book self.


  1. Haha! I love it! I continue to set goals, regardless of my low success rate. Some is better than none. We share several goals, actually, although I'm OK without the snot-rocket and swimming. ;)

  2. Snot rockets are becoming essential! Especially when running in the rain - tissues just get wet. LOL!