Thursday, January 3, 2013


Oh stop smiling, you big, purple idiot. 
Project Marathon makes me grimace. Not Grimace, the purple friend of Ronald McDonald. I wish. French fries sound really delicious right now.

My body is sore almost every day. I'm not sure how a two hour run could possibly hurt more than a two hour bike ride followed by an hour run - but it does. I've tried many things including eating potassium-rich bananas (supposed to help cramping), taking nutritional and recovery supplements, taking Ibuprofen, drinking plenty of water, Epsom salt baths, and Arnica gel.

Then there is being sick. I have been feeling under the weather pretty much since the week before Christmas. I just can't shake it, man. I've been keeping up on training though - just trying to get into warmth before the cold and rain soak into my bones.

Exercise shouldn't hurt this much. I'm three weeks out. I can't just quit. I knew this was going to be hard. That was the whole point.

Only one more 20 mile run to go. *sigh*

Right now I think this might be my last marathon ever. It's just too much running. It's very different from a half Ironman distance because your body does the same repetitive motion for 4 . . . or 5. . . (maybe longer) hours. Ugh. Maybe it's just the weather and the winter blahs transforming themselves into muscle cramps and shooting leg pains. No matter what, I just can't make myself feel awesome in the winter time. Spring can not come fast enough.

Arizona Marathon DEmotivators

Lots of pavement is hard on the joints.

Forgetting my iPod and listening to 10 Christian Rock bands on the course. I'm sorry, but Christian Rock is terrible, and the lack of profanity does not make me perform at my very best. Once in awhile I like to convince myself that I am a bad a#$% f#$%ing runner, and lame rock just isn't doing it for me.

Worrying that someone is carrying a loaded gun during the run. It is legal there.

The PF Changs dragon. Thinking of fake Chinese food on the course might make me sick to my stomach.

People in costumes.

Arizona Marathon MOTIVATORS

It's a marathon, and just finishing a marathon is cool.

One of my favorite bloggers, Susan Lacke, will be there. I'm going to see if I can meet her.

The weather will likely be perfect for running.

My friend, Christine, will be in Arizona with me. We will encourage each other.

I've done some pretty tough trail runs this winter, and despite soreness and tiredness, I've done ok. I think it's the adrenaline, and I really hope this adrenaline kicks in on marathon race day too. Perhaps the crowds, the other runners, and the scenery will help.

People in costumes.

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