Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Suck it, Christmas!

Disclaimer: The real Christmas is fine. The one where people put up trees, sing carols, go to church, and spend time with family and friends. It's the fake, commercial over-eating, over-spending, over-indulging Christmas that can suck it!

The day after Christmas I felt like crap. Christmas Day ended with over stuffing myself with gift tamales after eating and drinking most of the day. They were delicious until I woke up with a tummy ache. The next day, I got out and ran a few miles and felt much better.

"Christmas can suck it!" I thought.

Thankfully I didn't stuff myself into oblivion after that, and ran Brazen Racing's New Year's Eve half marathon trail run on the 29th. This run wasn't as brutal as Summit Rock, but there was a lot of mud due to recent rains. I feel like this race was more hard core than one of those sanctioned mud runs, and there was no one jumping into a mud pit on purpose. Good ole' natural, sticky, slidey, muddy goodness. Just the way God intended. My shoes have been drying out for days.

Project Marathon is going ok. I have yet to do a super long run that doesn't totally suck at the first mile. This weekend is my last ridiculously long training run - 20 to 23 miles. Yikes. At least the rain has stopped.

Overall, I managed to get through the holidays without overdosing too much on cheese, and maintained better than usual. I'm a little heavy, a lot tired, and pretty damned lazy, but I've been doing the minimum to get by.

So, now that Christmas is over I can focus. Here's what's on my event list for this year:

Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon - January 20
AKA possibly my last marathon ever.

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon - February 3
If I can still move after Arizona.

HITS Napa Olympic Triathlon - April 14
Bring on the hilly bike course!

Wildflower Olympic Triathlon - May 4
New race for me.

Tour de Cure - June 9
Signed up for the 112k route. We'll see.

Trans Tahoe Relay  - July 20
Return of the Sass. Sass 2.0 will bring home a record finish.

Barb's Race - July 27
Can I break 6 hours?

Triathlon at Pacific Grove Sprint - September 15
Going short/sprint, then going home. Unless someone else decides to get married or have other wedding related activities this weekend. ;)

Scott Tinley's Triathlon - October 5
Another new race for me. Closing the season a little later this year.

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