Friday, February 8, 2013

Everything tastes as good as skinny feels.

The thinnest I've ever been in my adult life (after college) was almost 10 years ago. I was 115 pounds, which is what I weighed in high school. I lived in Vegas, ate Pasta Roni with tuna every night, drank coffee all day, smoked cigarettes, went to the British Pub for quiz night every Thursday. . .  oh, and I didn't work out. At all. People I only see a couple times a year would comment how good I looked when they saw me. That was the worst part - I'm pretty sure I was severely depressed. Seems like looking good doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy.

But, what if you look better and do it in a healthy way? Like eating those fruits and vegetables, or taking on one of those Paleo diet things, or being vegan. You may look better, but does it make you happy? Living consciously of what food is, how it's grown, where it comes from, etc is enough to drive a normal person absolutely insane. I almost cut myself after reading this article about quinoa. If one more person tells me to "eat clean" I'm going to stick a hot poker in my eyeballs.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Really? Next you are going to tell me that there is a cake that is better than sex. What?

I hope that I've never lead anyone to imagine that you have to do road races or triathlons to feel good. My intention is only that you find something in life that makes you tick. Exercise has just been my thing. It doesn't have to be yours. It's fun for me. If it makes you miserable, then for God's sake, don't do it! People have called me crazy, insane, and have said things like, "OMG! I could never do that!"

In the same way, eating like a rabbit isn't going to make every person feel good either. I'm not saying people should sit around and eat crap all day long, but your personal consciousness and how much you pay attention to healthy eating is kind of up to each individual and what they can live with (happily). I mean, trying to follow that shit is a hobby, and not everyone has time to do it, much the same way people don't have time to run everyday. Eating kale and keeping a food journal everyday is crazy, insane, and OMG, I could never do that!

In the spirit of don't knock it until you try it, I'm going to go on a 24 day cleans/diet challenge. I'm going to try to eat like those totally insane people who eat kale and plain chicken every day. The cleans/diet also employs the use of vitamin supplements and fiber drinks because I don't trust myself enough to eat the proper amount of nutrients, and I honestly don't have time to look up everything I need to eat. To top it off, I'm not a good cook. This plan has been developed by professionals, and I'm going to trust them as much as I trust the corn industry. (i.e. I don't trust them, but I still eat corn.)

The 24-day challenge seems less daunting than some of the other challenges I've seen because a.) It's only 24 days, not like the rest of your natural-born life and b.) you get to eat FOOD. Not shakes or syrup and cayenne pepper, but actual food. It's just really boring, plain food, and no processed, (cheese) starchy,(pasta), or fatty foods that are absolutely delicious.

My hypothesis for the diet:
1.) It will be really hard.
2.) I might be really cranky.
3.) I will look better.
4.) I will be hungry all the time.
5.) I will succeed with the 24 days, then go back to eating burritos because they definitely taste better than skinny feels.

Whether or not this cleanse/diet will be life-changing is questionable. Maybe there will be a few ah-ha moments in there. That's all I can really hope for.

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