Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today I love swimming

I might be high on nutritional supplements, fiber, lean proteins or chlorine.  But, today, I LOVE SWIMMING!
Yesterday I went to my second swim workout with the Tri Club, and it was amazing. My stroke could use some work, of course. But I have two new found talents: 

#1: I can hold my breath for 20 strokes + (no problem). I would like to thank many years of voice training and singing in choir for my remarkable breathing talents. At least I'm still using them for something - right?

#2: I can swim another speed other than slow. When you are holding your breath for that long, you really want to get those 20 strokes over with as quickly as possible. Also when there are two people behind you in the pool, you'd better get moving. I will share my lane with just about anyone. (Please don't kick me in the face. Thanks.)

The last swim workout I went to was last December (fail), and I think I really missed some valuable experiences by not swimming with them every Wednesday since then. I have committed to not miss another swim workout unless I absolutely have to. This is going to be a great season, everyone. A great season.

Happy Valentines Day to my love - SWIMMING. Yes, I said it. I love swimming.


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