Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obligatory Diet (Before) Photo

Here you go! Just putting it out there. If I look really hot in 24 Days, I would be mad if there was no picture. So, I made my boyfriend take this picture. Pretty sure he thinks I'm nuts.

Day 1 of 24-Day Challenge. I started my day with a fiber drink, and ate 6 small meals high in protein, and lots of fruits and veggies. I felt a little bloated, but also we to the gym for a TRX session, and spin class. Not bad for the first day.

Side view. (Clearly I need to work on my posture.)


  1. You're already hot stuff! But looking forward to hearing how this 24-day torture-fest goes. ;)

    1. It's definitely less about a diet, and more an experiment in "mind over matter."