Thursday, June 27, 2013

2014: Let's start planning!

I'm already thinking about 2014, but I've made zero commitments. I will definitely make some. Later. And that 2014 will be epic - again.

Here's what's on my mind:

1.) Be a "streaker" and do ALL of the Tri California events. There are 6 nicely spaced events, including the Wildflower long course, a couple of Olympic distance events, a mud obstacle course, and an Alcatraz swim.

2.) Participate in only Sprint and Olympic distance events and work on speed. I may be more of a short course person - what do you think?

3.) Try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This sounds horrible, but everyone is doing it. Maybe I'm missing the joy of running at my top speed for 3.5 hours. Hrumm...

4.) Sign up for a long bike ride like the Aids Life Cycle or RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). I've never ridden over 70 miles in one day. This would be a new non-running challenge.

5.) Train for a longer swim, like the Waikiki Roughwater Swim. Only 2.38 miles should only take me 5 hours. Ok, I exaggerate.

6.) Join the Prancercise revolution.

7.) Just go on a really epic vacation, like to Iceland, or Africa.


  1. my two cents--if you are going to do a long ride I recommend Seattle to Portland or check out the Death Ride. STP is relatively flat and you get awesome bragging rights to be a one day rider. Death Ride is crazy hard but it is beautiful. I also like Slam the Dam for long swim (I did 3.6 mile swim 2 years ago). It is in Lake Mead so when you are done you can just party in vegas.

    1. I've heard rides in the Northwest are awesome! It might also be a nice vacay/drive and I wouldn't have to ship my bike. Vegas is out though - I really don't like Vegas and after taking one step into creepy/slimy sludge there I'm not keen in swimming at Lake Mead either. I'll do another cold-ass Tahoe swim though. :)