Friday, June 21, 2013

Random Recap: Because SF is Random

After the Mermaid Half Marathon last month, I knew my running had taken a back seat to everything else. It made me very sad, since I mostly consider myself a runner. Sure, I was happy to still be able to run 13 miles, which I hadn't done since January, but I could feel an unusual tightening in my quads. (It must be the cycling.)

When a friend and work colleague asked me if I wanted to run the San Francisco (2nd half) Marathon, I was game to try out my legs again. And hey - free t-shirt! The first half is over the Golden Gate Bridge, and quite hilly, so I figured the second half - a little run through the park, then through the city - would be a bit easier, and a great practice run for my upcoming 70.3. Running over the GG Bridge is really awesome, but I've never run through the city before.

I added some running miles, and worked my butt off at track workout for the past month. Anyhoo, I ended up beating my 2009 Personal Record by 55 seconds. I'll take it!


Why not? I've been hitting the speed hard. This PR is in my sights. Live for today. Motivate. Motivate. I promise your legs will not fall off.

Hills: There were some rollers in the beginning, so the course was not as easy as I thought. I really had to hustle up and jam back down when I got the chance.

Running on Haight Street: Out the corner of my eye, I think I got flashed by a homeless dude. But, I caught a glimpse of something and started to run faster. I still had miles to do and didn't want to think about this dude's junk for another 45 minutes. There is no San Francisco without a hint of nudity (or just full on nudity) - and the placement on Haight/Ashbury couldn't have been more perfect.

Talkative and noisy guy: It bothers me when people talk as they are running, and even more so when they are trying to chat with me. I'm running at capacity here! Not only that, but he was panting loudly and making disgusting hacking sounds to cough out phlegm.

1:45 pacer in view: He was there, in view, for most of the race. I thought I might catch him during the last three miles. I was close. Sometimes the pacers don't finish in time, so this guy was good.

Hipster Guy bumping tunes from his bike: When running without an iPod, it's great to hear someone play some Nicki Minaj. "Fly" is in my usual music rotation.

Bad bands: There is always one band that makes me want to get out of the area as quickly as possible. This one was a woman singing Bobby McGee.

Getting into a pace-line: I found a couple of people slightly faster than me, and followed them for awhile. I hope I was sneaky about it.

When you are running "Big Data" anything is possible, right?  I love how Silicon Valley this shirt is. HADOOP! 

The finish line that dragged on for miles. Can't beat that weather in San Francisco, though. Awesome day!

Final time according to Garmin. Looks like I ran a little extra, probably to get away from the talkative guy. Official time 1:45:21. Now I have to break 1:45.

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