Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eddie just wants to ride his bike!

Trash TV is great. I watch all of the Real Housewives shows because I know they aren't really real. They make me feel good about not having too many material possessions or meaningless relationships.

Well, it turns out one of my favorite housewives was married this past weekend! Yes, Tamra Barney was married to Eddie Judge. Personally, I thought this was a good match the last couple of seasons. He may have something to do with her evolving into a nicer person. Err. . .

Eddie proposed to Tamra last season in Bora Bora. I'm sure that was the producers idea. The entire time Tamra is like, "When are you going to propose??" I can just see the producers saying, "Pssst. . .just let her wait another day, then hide the ring in an oyster shell, like this." Men are awesome, but honestly, they don't sit around thinking about the most romantic thing to do for their woman on a daily basis. If your guy does to that - he's seen it on TV.

This season, the #RHOC (yes, I just did that) are taping a bunch of stuff leading up to the wedding, which apparently happened just this past weekend, after the taping of the show. During one episode, Eddie flat out tells Tamra that he doesn't have time to plan a wedding, and if she wants a wedding, she will have to do a lot of it herself. Tamra says, "If you don't want to get married. Why did you ask?" I'm with Eddie. Getting married and having a wedding are two completely different things.

Anyway, Eddie is a good guy for playing along on most things. He seems to know that she is going to call the shots on all of the girly stuff, and he is obliged to do things her way, especially since they are on a TV show. About her. If I were on my third husband, he would definitely be a good contender.

One thing Eddie likes to do that drives Tamra crazy is ride his bike. "He spends more time on his bike than he does on me." Well, yes, Tamra, because riding a bike takes longer. Duh. In an episode when the group goes to a winery, Eddie misses brunch because his bike ride is taking long than expected. Can you blame the guy? Here's how I see him weighing the choices, 1.) Be at brunch with Vicki Gunvalson, or 2.) ride my bike a bit longer? Hmmmm. Not a tough decision. Bike wins!

Clearly Tamra knows nothing about bike riding, and she needs to let Eddie have his time on the bike. It's not like he wants to ride his bike, he HAS to ride his bike. Also, the reason Eddie is hot is because he rides his bike. So, I'm not sure why she is complaining.

I was happy to read that Eddie's bike was placed front and center on the alter at their wedding. Maybe Tamra is a nice person after all. Although, I hope she told him about it in advance. Cyclists hate when you touch their bike.


  1. I give Eddie and Tamra two years, tops! lol
    My favorite character on that show is Lydia, the new chick. Did you see the last episode where she was talking to that douche, Slade? Loved it.

    1. I DO like Lydia. You know what happens, though - The person you like one season turns into a weirdo the next. I'm behind this week, but plan to ride my bike on Saturday then spend the rest of the day catching up on DVR. :)