Friday, April 26, 2013

Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon Recap

I need to hire a photographer. I tend to forget to take pictures, or often feel reluctant. My mom is an excellent self-taught photographer. Every where we went as kids, she was always there, camera in tow. When I was younger, I thought it was pretty annoying, but now I'm glad to have access to books and books of photos from my wonder years. Thanks, mom.

So, I had a photo finish at the Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon last weekend. Well, perhaps the finish wasn't that exciting. But, I did get to stand on the podium for the first time - 2nd place in my age group. No, I'm not a big money winner, but being an age grouper is pretty cool. I'll take it. Also, free wine! Can't beat that.

The race started with a swim in Uvas Reservoir, which was quite nice actually. It was the first race where athletes had to swim to the start line, and I was very glad it wasn't my first race.
Swim course: .5 miles - 19 minutes, 44 second

My transition area was very close to the place where you take your bike out to the bike course,but I hopped on my bike too fast and was berated by a couple of race officials. I clipped out of my pedals, and walked my bike two feet before hopping on again. Ugh, I can't follow instructions when water logged.
Swim to bike transition: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

There is definitely something great about home "court" (road) advantage. The bike route up Uvas road and back to the reservoir was one I had done plenty of times on weekend rides, so I knew exactly what to expect. What I didn't expect were the number of cars that went through the course. It was pretty dangerous.
Bike course: 16 miles - 56 minutes, 39 seconds

Transition #2 was fine. I need to upgrade to those quick lace-up shoe ties. I do spend a lot more time tying my shoes, although you could consider it a quick hamstring stretch too...
Bike to run transition: 1 minute, 20 seconds

Someone in my age group, whom I had passed on the bike, caught up to me on the run. Dang she still had it and I didn't. My legs were cramping and as much as I told myself it is only 3 miles, it didn't help. I like the longer run courses because there is more time to make strategic decisions; you can slow when you need a few minutes, then speed up when the competition is in close range. I need 3 miles to warm up. (I know some non-runners are slapping their foreheads right now.) 3 miles is just as fast as you can go, with no room for changing pace. Not a bad time, just wished I could have kept up with the other person in my age group.
Run course: 3.2 miles - 24 minutes, 39 seconds

Total time: 1 hours, 44 minutes, 27 seconds.

Now I just wish I had a photo of my 30 seconds on the podium. My mom would be proud.

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