Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Fabulous Donations - Bill and Debbie

Another donation for $100, and another 100 miles.

Tuesday, March 12 - Ran 7.75 miles including "The Dish" at Stanford. Good hill workout!

Thursday, March 14 - Short gym brick with 18.5 miles on the spin bike, and a 1 mile run.

Saturday, March 16 - 42 miles of cycling around South County, including one steep climb up Metcalf road.

Sunday, March 17 - Swam 1 mile at Cowells Beach in Santa Cruz. First open water swim of the season. It wasn't that cold - a mere 54 degrees. 

Tuesday, March 20 - 5.75 mile run / track workout. 400's can be fun.

Wednesday, March 21 - Swam 1 mile at podium swim workout.

Thursday, March 22 - Rode home to Saratoga for approximately 15.5 miles

Saturday, March 24 - Swam 1 mile at the gym pool, then ran 7 miles of hills at Quicksilver park. 

= 100.5 Miles TOTAL

Climbing up Metcalf. Yikes, but also beautiful. Can anyone say, "Poppies!"

At Quicksilver toward the top of a run with Erika. Mount Umunhum is really tiny in the background.

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