Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughts during a long swim

Swimming distance in a pool is really dumb. I mean, half of the time you are just pushing off of a wall. As soon as the stroke starts to feel consistent - there it is again - that damned wall. Sometimes my stroke takes me too close to the wall and I've almost banged my nose into the side of the pool. I always manage to bang my finger on the turn around. I should really learn how to do flip turns, but then I'll spend the entire time flipping. They need to make a big chlorinated lake where people can go to do distance swims. No lane lines, no markings. Maybe those overhead flags would be nice.

What sucks about swimming is you never see anything, except the bottom of the pool. In the case of an open water swim, all you see is murky water and sometimes bubbles. Hopefully you don't see anything else, like a dead floating body. Ok, stop thinking about that please.

(I really need one of those underwater music players. Maybe some Beyonce or Nicki Minaj it will get rid of the demons.)

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