Friday, March 22, 2013

Ain't got time for that

I would like to thank Sweet Brown for reminding us that sometimes, you just ain't got time for that. 
I am amazed the time that people have to do things. There are so many things I want to do, but I just can't imagine finding the time to do them. There was a hilarious article in The Onion called "Find the Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights and Weekends." Brilliant. There are so many things I would do more if I could just find the time:

1.) Take a class
2.) Read more books
3.) Go to more music performances
4.) Sleep

I work a full time job in the Silicon Valley where people are constantly moving in different directions, looking for the hottest idea, or starting a new company. Although I'm not an entrepreneur (yeah, not at all - those people are crazy), I somewhat feel like I get caught up in the be-ridiculously-busy-all-the-time vibe. It's kind of like "keeping up with the Joneses" but instead of the desire to buy a Mercedes, wear Prada, or look for the perfect private school for my children, Chad and Brenda, I like to keep myself busy with projects.

You know. Like events and stuff. And then I write about it.

Recently, I signed up for a 12-week Human Physiology class at Duke University through Coursera. Pretty cool site that allows you to take university courses for free online. I was interested in taking an Anatomy class, but it got cancelled for some reason, so instead I signed up for Beginning Human Physiology. There was nothing beginning about this class. The first session was about the endocrine system and all kinds of sodium and potassium getting moved all over different containers of the body. I had barely remembered what [Na+] or [K+] was referring to. But, I kept watching lectures - 3 weeks worth.

Then I took the first practice exam, and got only one question correct. Yep, I have no idea what they are talking about. Nice try, though.

Truth is, I'm just not passionate enough, nor do I have the time to take a Human Physiology class online. It was way too much of a lofty goal. Sure, I could have bought a text book, or participated in all of the online forums and asked a bunch of questions. But shit. I ain't got time for that. I was literally trying to watch a video lecture in the milliseconds of my life when I had nothing to do.

Facebook is an interesting place, because I see people doing things and think to myself, "When do they have time to do that?" Take my favorite, time sucking website, Pinterest, which I still have no interest in joining. I'm not going to make my own insect repellent!! I'm going to go to Target and buy some. I'm not going to knit a sweater!! I just can't sit that long.

Then there are big things like remodeling part of a house, buying property, having children,. . . whoa! The thought just rattles my brain. I definitely don't have time for that.

Now, I'm sure you are all thinking, "Why does she have time to write this?"


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