Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I skipped the 408k

Race bib never made it on my shirt. D tag timing chip never made it on my shoe. I never made it to the 408k.
I have a confession.

I skipped the 408k race last weekend.

I paid the entry fee months ago, and even made myself and a friend late for a bridal shower (sorry Christine and Monica) so I could pick up my race bib on the Saturday before. I had arranged a ride to the race start (boyfriend), and lunch with a friend after the race too (sorry Tiff).

So what happened?

The end of daylight savings time. I even went to bed early enough, but when I awoke to darkness, my first thought was, "Oh F@#$ this! I am not getting up this early to run less than 5 miles!" and I went back to bed.

Aside from being lazy, now I'm a distance snob too. You know. One of  those people who can't be satisfied with a mile or two. Every run has to be over a 10k or it's not even worth it. Sad.

I tried to make up for it by swimming 1600 meters of drills, the running 5 miles later that afternoon. Still, for the past week I have been looking at pictures of my friends at this race, and have been reading emails about all of the days happenings, and I have some regrets. Had I gotten my lazy ass out of bed, it probably would have been a fun day. Looking at results online, I probably would have been close to the top 10 in my age group too.

Everyone has their off days, I guess.

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