Friday, March 1, 2013

I call Bullshit

I would like to start a series entitled, "I call BULLSHIT." Please let me know if there are things you would like to call BULLSHIT on too.

#1: BMI (Body Mass Index) - BULLSHIT!
According to the BMI, three of these women are obese. #1, #2, and #6. Remember when obesity meant you couldn't fit into an airplane chair? Now even fit people are overweight. F-you BMI. 
#2: Eye cream - BULLSHIT!

Item on the right costs as much as item on the left, but it is only for the 1'' area around your eyes. It is  a scam.  For two weeks I have been testing the eye cream on one eye, and you guessed it, both eyes look the same. Further testing required. But for now, it's bullshit.
#3: Counting carbohydrates in a banana - BULLSHIT.

If you are looking at this picture and thinking, "That looks like 72 grams of carbohydrates to me," then there is something wrong with you. Don't count carbs in a banana, just eat them for goodness sake. Geez.

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