Thursday, March 7, 2013

Donations are Fabulous - Thanks PH!

I'm cheesy, and I'm raising money for a great cause!
As many of you know, I am trying to raise at least $1,500 for Barb's Race this year. Vineman Charities donates proceeds from Barb's Race to cancer research because Barb is a long time Vineman supporter who battled cancer - twice - and won. I am going to battle this course another year. My goal is under 6 hours.

This is the only cause I will be fundraising for this year - if you can make a donation, CLICK HERE for my fabulous fundraising page.

A friend and fellow triathlete, Paul H., gave me a $150 donation, and I promised to dedicate 150 training miles to him. Since he demands documentation - here it is! (Click on the links for more information, and also a fun video!)

Saturday, February 23 - Ran 10 miles on my "home" route, the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Sunday, February 24 - Biked 48.28 miles from Edgewood/Canada Roads to home.

Tuesday, February 26 - Ran a 6-mile track workout at Foothill College. A bunch of 400 meters fast. Wow! I haven't done that since high school! Oh, the tri club also put together this little treasure after the workout.

Wednesday, February 27 - Swam 1.1 miles at my gym's pool.

Thursday, February 28 - Spin class for another 18.25 miles. (Spin counts as biking, especially when it's still dark after work!)

Friday, March 1 - Ran 5.02 miles outside on a break from work.

Saturday, March 2 - Biked 58.18 miles with the tri club.

Monday, March 3 - Ran 8 miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Swam .5 miles to cool down.

TOTAL Mileage = 155.33

That's right - above and beyond the call of duty. Paul H. gets an extra 5.33 training miles just cuz. Thanks for your support!!

I'm glad to dedicate training miles to anyone who donates $100 or more to my fundraising page. $1 = 1 mile of training. I have about 1,400 training miles left to go! Here's that link to my FUNDRAISING PAGE again!

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