Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1: The River

I was determined to swim the entire course. I knew there was a river house with a large green-painted embankment that served as the turn-around point. It was only out (to the wall) and back. 1.2 miles. There were a few other swimmers back on the course.

I was still nervous.

A Barb's Race alumna told me recently that parts of the swim are very shallow and you can stand up in the water. As I made my way out to to the first bridge (nice and easy), I realized what she meant. I'm glad I practiced really stroking down the center line of my body because otherwise my arms would have hit the rock on the bottom of the river. During the race orientation, "If you are having trouble during the swim - STAND UP!" Yep, the swim was only 3-7 feet deep.

So I took my time and stopped a few times, looked around, and made some focal points on the course. When I reached the green wall I thought, "That's it?" For some reason I was expecting something much worse - longer, or more current, or just panic. Nothing.

I swam back with a bit of current pushing me towards the beach. I did it. It was pretty easy.

Sigh of relief.

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