Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 16: Lonesome Road

Sometimes you have to sing songs to yourself when you are on a long bike ride alone. I rode 4 hours, and 57 miles last night. Now I can sleep in on Saturday. Life is good.

Walk down that lonesome road all by yourself
Ride down that lonesome road all by yourself

Don't turn your head back over your shoulder
Don't look quickly over your shoulder, or you might hit a rock and wipe out

And only stop to rest yourself when the silver moon
Only stop when you need water, electrolytes, or a power bar

Is shining high above the trees
Or when the sun goes down, because your bike lights suck

If I had stopped to listen once or twice
Don't wear headphones when riding, it's dangerous

If I had closed my mouth and opened my eyes
Wear glasses, and keep your mouth closed unless you want to eat a bug

If I had cooled my head and warmed my heart
Don't try and be Lance Armstrong, and wear layers because it might get cold

I'd not be on this road tonight
This road is a glorious sight

Carry on
For the love of God, stop being such a pansy and keep going!

Never mind feeling sorry for yourself
If you get tired and want to quit - just push a little further

It doesn't save you from your troubled mind
You'll soon finish and be very proud of accomplishment

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