Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 28, 27: Swimming with Sass & Taking a Break

Monica flying after swimming. Superwoman!
Team SassMouth at Aquatic Park. Swimming in the shadow of Ghiradelli Square and Alcatraz. Pretty rad (and chilly) way to spend the morning.

Day 28
1+ mile bay swim
Trans Tahoe team Sassmouth met at Aquatic Park on Saturday for a swim on a beautiful day and a trial in 62 degree water. I swam about a mile in the good ole' wetsuit, then went out for a spell without. I should have sucked it up and swam the whole thing without a wetsuit like two of my teammates, but we still have next week for another chilly trial. We all missed our 6th teammate! Hopefully we'll all be there next week for a picture in full sassy red swimsuits - TEAM PHOTO TIME.

Day 27
Impromptu break
I'm tired and need a day off. There needs to be a calorie count for the following:
Getting out of bed at 10am
Walking into a restaurant for brunch
Watching some golf, Tour de France, and Euro Cup
Grocery shopping and walking that extra 100 feet to return the cart to the proper location
4 loads of laundry
Calling parents while cleaning the kitchen floor
90 minutes of restorative yoga
Making dinner

Bike and run tomorrow. Get it.

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