Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 18: Swim and Spin Circus

This post inspired my Halloween costume next year. Except I'm going to wear my bike shorts.
35 minute swim
Trying to avoid kids and sharing a lane with a woman wearing fins AND a snorkle.

20 minute treadmill
I think a couple of 60 year old dudes were checking me out . . . or wondering while I was so sweaty.

60 minute spin class
It was packed full like a three-ring circus. Keep reading.

The Ring Master
She was tan, blonde, in full make-up, pushing 45 but trying for 25. She sang all of the songs. She didn't break a sweat the entire time. I knew her riding form was terrible because there was a mirror behind her that showed her posterior to the rest of the class. People love her because she's cute and fun. She's also the Zumba instructor. I knew this class was headed towards spinning-zumbaville. *sigh*

The Strong Man
As soon as you walk into a group fitness class, and all of the men set up their equipment closest to the instructor you already know that she's a hottie. *Throws up in mouth a little.*

There are always clowns at the gym who don't really know what's going on. They may have been bonked on the head too many times and think that by being around sweaty people, they are effectively working out too. Or they don't understand/hear the instructions because their ears are filled with whipped cream. Or maybe they just like the entertainment of being in a group, and talk the entire time. Clowns are distracting, and sometimes funny. But, definitely distracting.

The Freak Show
A woman on the bike next to me had her bike saddle up way too high, and she couldn't reach the pedals. I would have corrected her, but she seemed to know people in the class (i.e. she's been there before). This woman would get one revolution out every 20 seconds or so, and almost fall off the side of the bike while doing so. I realized she might be a little nuts, or (best case scenario) one of her legs is shorter than the other. This class had some freakier moments that I had never witnessed in a spin class before. This included, yelling,  "Whoooo!" like a train whistle when the instructor asked the class to increase resistance. There was also some waving a towel in the air while out of the handlebars. I wanted to wave the white towel too, but I just cranked the resistance and kept on.

The Bearded Lady
She was there too. She worked harder than the instructor, so I was happy to have her as my workout muse for an hour. Thank you, bearded lady.
I miss the absolutely excellent spin classes at my former gym. All of the instructors are real cyclists who take the time to teach you how to ride, how to climb, and how to push your limits. Almost all participants in the class (believe me every class has their circus characters) worked really hard and kept with the program. Super motivating. Instructor Mark would sweat through his shirt and hat about 15 minutes through the workout. Dave would often teach the class like it was a leg of the Tour de France. Sue would start class by asking, "Is this a recovery day for anyone? I rode 95 miles yesterday," like that's no big deal.

I think there is a problem with society that tells us that exercise should be fun all the time. No it shouldn't. It should often be exhilarating and keep you interested, but that's not necessarily "fun." Whatever happened to "gratification," or "hard work," "tenacity," "fulfillment?" It's only 30 minutes or an hour of your day - shouldn't you shoot for something more rewarding, and have fun later?

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