Monday, July 23, 2012

Happenstance (aka Happen-sass)

Team SassMouth, pre-race. We were the only team with matching t-shirts and headbands that said, "Kiss My Sass!"
Had we finished the relay sooner, we would not have had this photo opp. Taken from our Sasskipper from the boat.
There once were six girls in Santa Clara, California with a dream: to be Sassy. It took training, a boat, and some sparkles. In their real lives they were educators, students, organizers, world travelers, grant writers and even certified composting experts (!!). In their other real lives they were swimmers, cyclists, runners, sailors, yogis, coaches . . . They represented six little girls growing up in the Midwest, Buffalo, southern California, and Hawaii who would eventually find each other on a boat in Lake Tahoe doing a swim relay together.

Six different women, six different lives, six different swim-styles. How did we all end up in this same place together to share this same experience?

First, I met Lin-sass, who was my main motivation to do triathlon. She is extremely organized and can make you a chart of all of your split times.

Then, I met Lis-sass who inspired me to swim. I'll never forget seeing her face the first time I completed 1,200 yards without stopping. Lis-sass also has an arts background! How's that for happen-sass??

I met Sass-ica during my first ocean swim at Pacific Grove. She consistently has no fear which amazes me.

I met K-sass on Facebook (of all places!). She sassed me, and I sassed back, and I knew I  liked her before I even met her in person.

Finally, I met Sass-stine who is continuously pushing her limits; this weekend she's swimming from Alcatraz!

It was one of those weekends that will always bind us; a weekend that no one else can understand unless they were there. . . there in that cold water, smeared in SPF, sporting a cap, goggles and a red suit. We cheered one another during our six-hour journey across 11 miles from Nevada to California. Happy to be sassy. It was just happen-sass.

K-sass (left), Sass-ica (right), Me (back)

This is when our boat found Lis-sass. She had to swim out to find us from the shore as the first swimmer.

Me, not sure if I want to get in.
I got in.
Hand off to Sass-stine!

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  1. I should also mention that I've had the song, "I'm on a boat" in my head for the past three days.