Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 9, 8, 7, 6, 5: The Taper Continues

Thursday: Day off and travel time. I also needed some time to take my bike in for it's final overhaul before next weekend. It needed a couple of derailleur cables too. I wish my car was as inexpensive to fix as my bike.

Friday: Getting settled in to our rental house in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe with Team SassMouth. I went for a run down North Lake Boulevard from Kings Beach to Carnelian Bay and back. It was 8 miles. When the rest of my Trans Tahoe teammates showed up, we did a practice swim at Kings Beach, so I got some stroke time in as well.

Saturday: Trans Tahoe Relay. I swam the 30 minute leg, the 15 minute leg, and two 10 minute legs. The most difficult was the first because I had the typical (Susan) panic attack, followed by a pretty good swim, then a side cramp during the last 5 minutes. The second leg was awesome, third was pretty good, and last was awesome despite some wake action caused by speed boats zipping past. I didn't want to know about dangerous boats going by, so I just kept my head down and sighted the boat on my right side. I knew my team wouldn't let me get run over.

Sunday: Day off and travel home day.

Monday: Mandatory day off.

This is the part of training called tapering. Last week I did a little less than usual, and this week I'm only doing three easy workouts before race day next Saturday. For the last week my head has been messing with me, "Am I doing enough? Did I do enough? I feel the need to run a whole bunch right now, but I'm not supposed to, right?" Suddenly there is this dread that I didn't train enough, or I started to taper too early. But, it's too late - Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. I'm done training.


My head is totally in the clouds. This weekend is all I can think about and I can't focus on much else. I'm looking forward to getting to the race site (especially the swim site) on Friday and trying it out.

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