Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 17: The Vortex and the Cramp - Adventures of the Green Lagoon

Beware the green vortex, and leg cramps. Or just deal with it.
Yesterday was a swim adventure in the Foster City Lagoon. My lagoon friends and I just can't get enough of bright green bay water and duck poop. We just love that shit. Literally.

There were a few more boats out on the water than usual, so we made a diversion from our usual swim route to avoid a collision. It was a good day to practice sighting for sure. We typically swim between the Foster City Boulevard bridge, and the Shell Boulevard bridge. This time we went all the way under the Shell Avenue bridge into the Central Lake. It was a nice day out on the lagoon, and the new route kind of felt like a salty swim adventure.

Not a lot of people swim in the lagoon. Every time we go out we are like swim celebrities. Everyone thinks we are so awesome. Or ridiculous. During yesterday's swim session one guy in particular got friendly from his balcony: "Hey, you guys are swimming! That's really cool? Are you swimming a mile? Would you like some water? I just bet my friend $100 to swim across the lagoon naked." We might have swum naked across the lagoon for $100 too. Sheeeet, it's no big deal. We are famous. Or infamous. Whatever.

Two things happened in the lagoon yesterday that could have made me panic hysterically, but I was in a generally fabulous mindset yesterday so they only bothered me for a few minutes.

The Vortex
When swimming back from Central Lake, a swimmer might hit an area of the water where the current suddenly changes direction. With every breath, one will look over to the shore and notice they are not going anywhere. Yesterday there was a kid standing over on the shore and I just could not pass him - and he was not moving (he was staring at us, of course, because we are famous). Then I realized, oh no! I am not moving! I am stuck in The Vortex! Arrrrrhhhhh!!! I wonder if I stopped swimming all together if somehow my body wouldn't spin into a green, salty netherworld below.

The Cramp
Speaking of infamous events - yep, my first leg cramp. I have heard a lot about getting leg cramps during a swim but I'd never had one of my very own before. It was in my calf and it was pretty painful and debilitating. I had to stop, stretch it out in the water for a minute or so, then try to relax the rest of the swim so it wouldn't crunch up on me again. More potassium has been recommended;. I hope a banana a day will keep the cramps away. Or at bay. *LOL water reference*

The Cramp may have been a result of trying to get out of The Vortex. Eventually The Vortex will subside, and you will be allowed to pass. Same with The Cramp. Adventures of the Green Lagoon!

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